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New Luxurious New York City Hotel Allows Guests To Be ‘sleep-coached’ Into Bed

Living the dream! Inside the lavish New York City hotel where guests are professionally ‘sleep-coached’ into a deep slumber – after being treated to face masks, jet lag-fighting tonics and IV DRIPS to cure their hangoversPopular gym chain Equinox is set to open its first hotel in New York in June The Equinox Hotel will be located in Hudson Yards, Manhattan, and will boast 212 rooms including 48 suites  Each room is set to include more than 70 amenities, most of which will assist guests in getting a good night’s sleepGuests will have access to on-site sleep coaches who can give sleeping tips and help analyse personal sleeping patterns An on-site nurse will also be available to administer restorative IV drips aimed at helping to cure hangoversFace masks, condoms, jet-lag tonics and sleep supplements are among the other items available in each room 

By Shirley Donlon For Dailymail.com

Published: 08:11 EDT, 28 March 2019 | Updated: 09:43 EDT, 28 March 2019

A brand new New York City-based hotel will offer guests the chance to be ‘coached’ into bed by professional behavioral sleep coaches. 

Popular gym chain Equinox is preparing to open the doors of its very first hotel – The Equinox Hotel – which is set to include more than 70 amenities in every single room, in June.

Among the features of the hotel, which has been designed to appeal specifically to those who want to balance exercise, work and rest, are rooms containing vitamins, face masks, yoga mats, fitness equipment, sleep supplements and jet-lag tonics.  

Wow: Popular gym chain Equinox is set to open its first hotel which will boast 212 rooms including 48 suites in Hudson Yards New York in June

Equinox Hotels announced on Wednesday, March 27 that its first hotel will open in June 2019 in Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, in New York City. 

The hotels are set to embody the same holistic philosophy as Equinox Fitness Clubs, of which there are 99 locations across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

The hotel has been curated to ’empower guests’ with different features that aim to simplify the combination of work, rest, decadence and discipline.Amenities at Equinox Hotels:  

Access to sleep coaches  

Cold, dark and quiet bedrooms 

Juice Press Ginger Fireball Blasts tablets 

Jet-lag fighting tonics 

Elixir designed to banish brain fog

Magnesium-based sleep supplements

Restorative IV drips

Eye and face masks


And according to the Wall Street Journal, every hotel guest will have the opportunity to be ‘sleep-coached’ into bed by a trained professional.  

Executive chairman and managing partner of Equinox Holdings LLC Harvey Spevak, 54, said he wanted the hotel to ‘own sleep’.

He said certain trainers at Equinox’s highest, most elite level of personal training, Tier X, are also certified behavioral sleep coaches.

Such trainers will be available on-call from a nearby E by Equinox facility to give guests tips on sleep rhythms and advice on how to optimize their sleep environment. 

As well as access to sleep coaches, each room will feature a number of different amenities, each designed to assist guests to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

In every room, of which there are 212 in total including 48 suites, guests will have access to a number of items specifically included to assist with sleeping. 

Following a belief that sleep is everything, and ensuring a commitment to owning sleep like no other hotel before, Equinox Hotels designed all rooms to be the ultimate sleep chamber.

Christopher Norton, CEO of Equinox Hotels, said each room has been specifically designed to be quiet, cold and dark.

Christopher added that within each room and suite is a minibar filled with Juice Press Ginger Fireball Blasts tablets and a bottle of purified seawater solution called Quinton, which, according to Original Quinton, is excellent for fighting jet-lag.  

An elixir designed to banish brain fog, and magnesium-based sleep supplements are also available.

The hotel provides each guest with an on-site nurse who can administer restorative IV drips aimed at helping to cure hangovers. The drips are designed to re-hydrate and boost energy levels. 

Interesting! Guests staying at the hotel will have access to sleep coaches and an on-site nurse who can administer restorative IV drips aimed at helping to cure hangovers

Face masks for the face and eyes and condoms are also included in the 212 hotel rooms. 

Even the mattresses used in the hotel have been chosen carefully. Christopher admitted he test-drove a number of different options before designing the perfect one. 

‘I road-tested dozens of mattresses at home. Imagine my wife’s reaction each time a new one showed up,’ he told the publication. 

The winning mattress, he said, took him a few years to create with the help of Greece-based manufacturer Coco-Mat. 

Each guest can experience peace and quiet during their stay, as every room is insulated and televisions are hung on panels rather than mounted directly onto the walls, preventing sound from travelling from one room to another.

Meanwhile, blackout blinds prevent light from pouring into the room, and the room is free of any flashing technological gadgets.  

Each room will be set to 66 degrees, according to Christopher, because studies have proven that cooler places result in people getting a better night’s sleep. 

And the luxury treatment doesn’t stop at the bedrooms. Downstairs in the hotel guests can make user of a 25,000 square foot spa facility with access to several pools – each boasting a different temperature.

Cryotherapy chambers and an infrared sauna are also available. 

The hotel’s gym facility, which is said to be one of the biggest Equinox locations to date, will be open to hotel guests and all members of Equinox. 

Gym-goers can make use of equipment in the gym, take private Pilates classes, use on-site personal training services or take part in outdoor fitness classes, which will be held on the new Vessel sculpture at Hudson Yards. 

The hotel will span across 14 floors – floor 24 through 38 – in the 92-story tower. 

Floors below the hotel will be home to Equinox’s corporate headquarters, and condos will be located above it. 

Relaxing: Each room in the hotel is designed to be cold, dark and quiet. Rooms will have a number of features including jet-lag tonics, sleep supplements, face masks and condoms 

The hotel will feature a restaurant and bar by Restaurateur Stephen Starr featuring an 8,000 square-foot outdoor terrace with views over Manhattan and the Hudson River.

Menus will be ‘ingredient driven’ and designed to balance flavor and fuel with equal measure. Food will be available to guests in-room, in social spaces and in the restaurant itself, meeting the high performance traveler across the guest journey.

In-room dining provides guests with everything they need to fuel their days, from nutritional breakfasts and dinners to nutritious performance kits and snacks.   

Equinox Hotels isn’t stopping with just one hotel. The brand is planning to open five additional facilities at locations in Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, Chicago and Santa Clara, California. 

Harvey said the group has also started looking for suitable locations for more hotels in Hawaii and Mexico.

Speaking about the new venture, Harvey said: ‘The philosophy, “It’s not fitness, it’s life” has grounded Equinox – and fueled a cultural movement – for more than 25 years, and now we’re introducing Equinox Hotels as a true culmination of our brand promise. 

Christopher added: ‘In hospitality, lifestyle hotels have grown up and luxury hotels have gotten younger in their outlook and experience. Now, as health becomes the new wealth, Equinox is uniquely positioned to define an emerging category that is disrupting the entire industry. 

‘Equinox is the market leader and authority on fitness as lifestyle, and we are bringing our decades of experience to create the ultimate high performance luxury lifestyle hotels.

‘Redefining the concept of luxury as the ultimate in experience, we are uniquely qualified to deliver what this new consumer wants, encompassing world-class service and design with unparalleled fitness offerings,’ he added. Advertisement 

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